We are Instrumentation & Refrigeration of India, known as INSREF to scientists, chemists & engineers at leading quality control, research and educational labs across India.

Since 1976, we have been suppliers of quality lab equipment to discerning industrial, institutional & educational customers who now equate us with quality products & service.

Ours is a 4000 sq.ft. factory, self-sufficient in all aspects, from where we not only turn out quality products, but which also ensures that we service our products quickly, since we do not have to depend on any external agency for any sub - assemblies etc.

Our facilities include a sheet metal shop, a refrigeration department, an electronics department and a temperature controlled test room, which enables us to test our products under varying temperature conditions.

Our products use the latest available technologies. Our refrigerated products are CFC free & are PUF insulated. All below-zero products use stainless steel frames & powder coated covers. The electronics used is the best in the industry.

Having all production facilities under our control allows us to offer custom-built products that meet exact and stringent requirements of our customers.

After-sales service is handled directly from the factory by personnel trained to ensure complete customer satisfaction, whatever be the cost.

Our marketing strategy since the beginning has been to believe that our product is our best salesman - if the product is good, sales will automatically follow.

All of which has earned us a long list of satisfied customers, most of whom are repeat customers, who will vouch for our quality & service.

Welcome to the world of INSREF Research & Laboratory Equipments.

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