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7A INSREF Cloud & Pour Point Apparatus, Cat. No. IRI 028

Used for determination of Cloud & Pour Points of fuels & lubricants at low temperatures in accordance with ASTM D 97 (Pour Point) and ASTM D 2500 (Cloud Point).


User categories include lubes & petroleum refineries; lubes & petroleum storage & distribution installations; rerefiners; petrochemical plants; research & development and quality control labs …..  


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Cat. No. IRI 028 INSREF Cloud & Pour Point Apparatus
Generally as per ASTM D 97, ASTM D 2500 & equivalent
Digital Temperature display with resolution of 0.010 C
Temperature control within ± 1.00C
Long life, high safety zone, stainless steel immersion heaters
Automatic low liquid level safety cut-off & drain to empty tank almost fully
Seamless copper jackets, with disks, gaskets, test jars, corks
Non CFC, future safe, environment friendly refrigeration
Stainless Steel tanks, powder coated exterior, PUF insulation
Wheels for easy mobility


Four Tank Model
Four tanks, with 4 test positions per tank, with individual digital temperature indicators with resolution of 0.10C and individual on-off switch, with 4 preset temperatures of 00C, -170C , -340C & - 510C or any other temperatures as per user choice upto a minimum of -650C and including 16 sets of jackets, jars, disks, gaskets & corks
Single Tank Model
Single tank, with 4 test positions, with temperature settings with resolution of 0.10C for tests at successively lower temperatures, with four sets of jackets, jars, disks, gaskets & corks  

With minimum temperature of – 400C
With minimum temperature of – 700C

Digital Model
Single, PUF insulated, unstirred Stainless Steel tank, with 4 test positions, powder coated exterior, having aperture for pouring freezing mixture (not included), drain valve, digital temperature indicator, four sets of jackets, jars, corks, gaskets, disks  
Accessory  28-01 Set of copper jacket, gasket, disk, test jars, corks           
Accessory  28-02 Low Cloud & Pour Point Thermometer, as per IP 2 C / ASTM 6 C, with temperature range of –800C to 200C X10C
Delivery & Installation Personal delivery strongly recommended.
Calibration Certificate For the digital display or thermometers, at minimum 3 points, traceable to national   standards  from a Govt. of India Lab.