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              …for drying heat sensitive materials at low temperatures under high vacuum   

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Used for drying of heat sensitive materials by sublimation of the pre-frozen material at low pressure (high vacuum). Reduces moisture content to less than 5%, which can be further reduced to less than 1% by secondary drying.


User categories include research, development & quality control labs in pharma & chemical manufacturing units; botany & zoology, biotechnology & microbiology, chemistry & chemical technology labs in teaching & research institutions; food processing industries……  


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10A INSREF Lyophiliser, Cat. No. IRI 033

Stainless Steel drying & ice trap chambers. Fusion welded joints. Non CFC refrigeration. Ice trap temperatures as low as - 650C. Powder coated, compact exterior. Digital temperature indicator. Built-intwo stage, direct drive, moisture protected vacuum pump with mist eliminator. Standard drying chamber with ports for small volume drying & large hollow for bulk drying. Built-in voltage stabiliser. Capacity of upto 3 kg ice per cycle. Maximum vacuum of  0.001 torr at pump head. Pumping speed 200 ltrs / min. Approximate vacuum indication on Pirani Gauge.

Cat. No. IRI 033 Lyophiliser (Freeze Dryer), as above, with built-in vacuum pump
with cold trap temperature of - 650C, voltage stabiliser, digital temperature indication, 8 port drying chamber,
with total of 12 manifolds and valves (incl. 4 spare), other detailes as above.
Cat. No. IRI 033 T Table Top Lyophiliser (Freeze Dryer), as above,but without vacuum pumpWith cold trap temperature of –650C, voltage stabiliser, digitaltemperature indication, 8 port drying chamber with total of 12manifolds and valves (incl. 4 spare), other details as above.
Accessory  33-01 Pre-freezing Bath for above
With minimum temperature of –400C
With minimum temperature of –800C
Custom Designs With larger / smaller drying chambers, drying trees, tray dryers.……      
Delivery & Installation Personal delivery strongly recommended.
Calibration Certificate

For the digital display, at minimum 3 points, traceable to national standards from a Govt. of India Lab.