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4A INSREF  Digital Full Visibility Constant Temperature Bath, Cat. No. IRI 015 

Used for viewing containers & their contents while at test at highly stable temperatures 

User categories include crystal growth labs; research & development and quality control labs; educational & research labs.   

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Cat. No. IRI 015/1

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Cat. No. IRI 015 Digital Full Visibility Bath

Operating Temperature range of 5oC above ambient to 60oC.      

Digital display with resolution of 0.1oC.  

With plain top cover having holes as required.

With compact fluorescent lighting attachment.

Cat. No. IRI 015 / 1   To hold upto 1 X 5 ltrs (170 mm dia X 220 mm height) beaker  
Clamp provided. Top cover size - 200 mm X 240 mm
Cat. No. IRI 015 / 2  To hold upto 2 X 5 ltrs (170 mm dia X 220 mm height)  
or 1X 10 ltrs (220 mm dia X 320 mm height) beakers. Clamp(s)  provided.  
Top cover size - 350 mm X 240 mm

Accessory  15-01  Stands for containers (test tubes etc.), as per exact requirements
Accessory  15-02 Double stirrer, with changeover switch to enable alternate operation
Accessory  15-03 Back-up system to take over in case of power failure, to enable uninterrupted   control operation for long duration (upto 8 hrs continuous) 
Accessory  15-04  Digital Non CFC Ultra Cryostat Circulator to extend operating temperature from 0oC to 60oC, with built in voltage stabiliser (Cat. No. IRI 017 A)
Accessory  15-05 Pump attachment (output of 3-4 ltrs / min at zero head)
Accessory  15-06 Control heating by infra-red lamps, with toughened glass bottom
VIBRATION FREE  With remote circulation motors etc. to ensure tank contents are totally free of vibration 
Custom Designs  With larger / smaller tanks, better accuracy, higher upper end temperature……   
Calibration Certificate  For the digital display, at minimum 3 points, traceable to national standards from a Govt. of India Lab