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11A INSREF Digital Warburg’s Apparatus, Cat. No. IRI 031

Used for studying respiration / photosynthesis of cells & micro-organisms by measuring manometric pressure changes due to release / uptake of carbon-di-oxide / oxygen using Warburg’s method.

User categories include bio-chemical / bio-chemicals / microbiology labs in research & teaching institutions; serum & vaccine research labs; seed research & germination labs..……

Cat. No. IRI 031 INSREF Warburg’s Apparatus
Polished Stainless Steel tank, with capacity of 7 manometers a side
Digital temperature display with resolution of 0.10C
Temperature control to within ± 0.50C
Stainless steel immersion heater
Stirrer for uniform temperature
Manometers mounted on graduated scale for reading pressure changes
Warburg’s flask with center well & side flask attached to manometer
Oscillation of manometers @ approximately 90 rpm                                 
Powder coated exterior with wheels for easy mobility
Cat. No. IRI 031 A Capacity 7 manometers, temperature range of 50C above ambient to 600C
Cat. No. IRI 031 B Capacity 7 manometers, temperature range of 50C to 600C (refrigerated)
Cat. No. IRI 031 C Capacity 14 manometers, temperature range of 50C above ambient to 600C
Cat. No. IRI 031 D Capacity 14 manometers, temperature range of 50C to 600C (refrigerated)
Accessory  31-01 Built-in voltage stabiliser with high & low voltage cut-off, to protect compressor  
Accessory  31-02 Spare manometer with scale & warburg flask      
Accessory  31-03 Spare warburg flask
OPTIONAL Transparent tank bottom with illumination for photosynthesis studies
OPTIONAL 0-24 hrs timer for day / night effect during photosynthesis study (as above)
Delivery & Installation Personal delivery strongly recommended.
Calibration Certificate For the digital display, at minimum 3 points, traceable to national standards from a Govt. of India Lab.


11B INSREF Ultra Violet Lamp, Cat. No. IRI 011

Used for inspection, detection & non-destructive testing of using the property of fluorescence under UV radiation of many materials.

User categories include bio-chemical / geological / forensic labs; test houses; archeology departments...……

Cat. No. IRI 011
INSREF Ultra Violet Lamp

Imported Ultra Violet bulb
Powder coated housing with reflector & handle
Adjustable bracket for varying height & focus
Radiation aperture of 130 mm
Power consumption of approx. 125 watts at 230 V AC
Emission of 360 milli-microns 

11C INSREF Electric Bunsen, Cat. No. IRI 024

Used for evaporation of solutions in china dishes, heating of test tubes, crucibles, small flasks, beakers etc. and other routine lab heating in place of bunsen (flame) burners.

User categories include all laboratories from small diagnostic ones to large research labs.

Cat. No. IRI 024

INSREF Electric Bunsen
Stainless Steel casing that is safe to hold at bottom
Powder coated lower with energy regulator & power cord
Maximum element temperature of 8000C to 10000C

Spare 24-01 Spare set of ceramic cup with element